BlackBerry 8325 is the Gemini, not the 9300?

by Mauricio 135 views0


Not even a day has gone by since initial Gemini details emerged and there is already more information about it.

Joey over at BlackBerry News says:

The 9300 is not the Gemini. Apparently bloggers-that-be got the the numbering all wrong. There IS a device 9300 out there, and with 3G, but it is not the Gemini. That code name has been reserved for the BlackBerry 8325.

Yes, the 8325, which is NOT a 3G device. I am hearing it will be the first device with OS 5.0 installed, and it will have WiFi, with EDGE. One rumor is speculating it will be T-Mobile’s device, but I find that unlikely with the 8900 Curve2 out just now. Why would T-Mobile drop another Curve on us so soon? Other  specs.. same 2.0 MP camera, and the screen at 320 x 240.

So which is it? It would be great if some slides were conveniently leaked to the public 😉 .