Killer BlackBerry Keyboard Tips & Tricks

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By Al Sacco:

On the list of reasons why I admire Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry operating system (OS), the sheer number of built-in, valuable keyboard shortcuts ranks near the top. These tricks help you navigate your devices and data, as well as the Web, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In fact, your BlackBerry’s literally packing hundreds of “hidden” tips and tricks, many of which I’ve already uncovered on, with the help of high-level mobile gurus–even RIM’s co-CEO.

Today, I’m offering up a list of keyboard shortcuts specific to the BlackBerry browser. I’m sharing tricks for rapid movement around a Web page; one-click access to a variety of browser options; a page-wide search function; a tip to instantly enable JavaScript for individual Web pages, and much more. Read on to see a side of your BlackBerry browser that you never knew existed.

(Note: Some of these tips and tricks may not work on devices without full QWERTY keyboards, like the Pearl 81xx and 82xx series, as well as the BlackBerry Storm. I tested them all using a BlackBerry Bold 9000 running OS v4.6.0.228 and a Curve 8900 on OS v5.0.0.90.)

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