bbExecutor Mimics The Classic Executor 8-Sound Assault Keychain – $0.99 Until July 31st!

by Mauricio 248 views0


Who remembers the simple yet fun Executor 8-Sound Assault Keychain? If you do remember this toy and enjoyed playing with it, you’ll definitely like bbExecutor.

bbExecutor is a BlackBerry application by @footose (aka Generation Media Group) that puts a new spin on the old Executor Keychain Sound toy shown below.


This fun little app has 8 sound effects just like the original Executor Keychain: Bomb “Sound Effects”, Explosions, Siren, “Machine Gun”, Phasers, Lasers, Falls and a Gatling Gun.

bbExecutor is currently on sale in the store for $0.99 until July 31st, after that it will go up to $1.99. This application will work on any BlackBerry running OS 4.3 and higher.

Who’s planning on having their own mini-war? Come on, just admit you will 😆 .