Leaked: Skyfire Browser for BlackBerry!!!

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* UPDATE Skyfire has temporarily closed the Alpha testing, rendering the leaked version useless. If anyone notices any other changes please let me know. *

My buddy Danny (aka @buzzedword) let me know that the Skyfire mobile browser for BlackBerry has been leaked!

This is an early Alpha (v1.0.0.12304) of the Skyfire browser so be prepared for some bugs and other issues. Install at your own risk and only if you are comfortable with using unofficial software.

Here are some of Danny’s findings:

  • its dominantly web based, the “enter url” function has autocomplete which im assuming comes from Skyfire’s servers
  • you’re assigned a unique skyfire ID, and you can create an account on the skyfire homepage, presumably for bookmark and RSS sync– the homepage has a very Digg-like feel to it
  • flash is supported as well as javascript, but flash functionality breaks down when you hit version 10
  • it appears that the browser has its own independant audio controller because of options in the menu, but i can’t confirm volume buttons, none of my shortcut keys work
  • it doesn’t work well with the storm at all but it does install
  • its definitely optimized for trackball, the mouse has a kind of crosshair around it that if you click down will zoom to that portion of the page
  • overall its pretty quick, they render the webpage on their servers and you download what they render

If you want to give this Alpha version of Skyfire for BlackBerry a try click here from your BlackBerry Browser to install it. Before installing the Skyfire app I highly recommend you backup your BlackBerry’s data. I’ve included some helpful guides below.