BBSAK (BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife) v1.3 Released – Adds Backup/Restore 3rd Party Apps And More!

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I first posted about the BBSAK desktop application back in early June, at which time it was pretty basic like JL_Cmdr. This update brings some great new features that I’m sure many of you will appreciate!

New to v1.3:

  • New way to detect device implemented MUCH MORE efficient and accurate
  • Radio is now temporarily disabled while backing up devices (turns back on when backup completed)
  • Backup now creates .alx file (allows you to install from loader.exe/desktop manager) and wont give you trouble when using desktop manager
  • Restore 3rd Party apps removed – with alx install in 1 step with loader.exe
  • Ability to Read all Apps on the Blackberry (3rd party and stock)
  • Ability to Save individual COD files (C:\Program Files\BBSAK\CODs\(App name)\cod file)
  • Ability to Remove individual COD files (THEY WILL BE LOST FOR GOOD!)
  • Ability to Load individual COD files (some require phone restarting others do not depends if app is running in background)
  • Donate button! please donate if you appreciate our hard work!

Main Features:

  • Wipe Blackberry leaving a 507 error
  • Reset Blackberry to factory state removing any IT Policy
  • Take Screenshots of your Blackberry (Screenshots stored in My Pictures\BBScreenies now)
  • Auto-Detects if phone is plugged in first.
  • Displays PIN so you know your connected.
  • Will not let you do any actions until phone detected.
  • Load OS will auto delete Vendor.xml and start Loader.exe. (BBDM is needed for this)
  • Backup 3rd Party Apps*
  • Restore 3rd Party Apps**
  • *Save to Program Files\BBSAK\Backup (only 1 backup at a time) Will prompt to make rename if backup already exits (click ok to see folder for name change)
  • **Restore within Loader.exe

This is a desktop computer application, not an on-device BlackBerry application. You can find more info and download links at the BBSAK RIMGeeks page.

Let me know what you think about BBSAK in the comments!