Free App That Reads Your Text And Email Messages Out Loud In Real-Time

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drivesafe-ly-blackberry drivesafe-ly-blackberry-2

I came across this app in the store called that is supposed to help increase your driving safety by reading your text and email messages out loud, in real-time so you don’t have to look at your BlackBerry while driving. Apps like these are very useful, especially since using a mobile phone while driving is against the law in many regions.

In some cases you don’t even need to be driving to use these apps. You can use them if you have your hands full or just don’t feel like reading 😆 .


  • It is free to use
  • Automatically plays incoming text SMS and email messages
  • Play messages on demand through menu
  • No complicated software to install easy to use
  • Small footprint lightweight app does not slow down your phone
  • Customizable auto-response and timeout duration
  • Human sounding text to speech powered by is available as a free download in the store and will work with all BlackBerry devices running OS 4.5 and higher. If you give this app a try and feel it helped you while driving (or during other activities) let me know in the comments!