BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) Version 1.7.0 Released

by Mauricio 826 views0


The guys over at RIMGeeks have been hard at work improving their useful BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) desktop application. Since their last release of v1.6 there has been a minor update with some fixes and a new version update to v1.7.0.

  • New in v1.7.0
    • Auto Update Feature Now Included (upon load bbsak will check to verify you have the most current version install)
    • Compact view button now available in all expanded windows
    • Restore Apps completion popup now pops up at correct time
    • Some small speed tweaks also included with this version
  • v1.6.3 Fixes
    • Some users experienced read system errors completely fixed with v1.6.3
    • Form can now be maximized (hope it helps with resolution issues)

BBSAK is a must have app for advanced BlackBerry users who want to get the most control over their device, or for the intermediate user who simply wipe their device or backup/restore their 3rd party applications.

For more info and to download BBSAK v1.7.0 visit the RIMGeeks project page.