BlackBerry Master Control Program Version Final Released!

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Exactly one month ago today Darren released Beta 10 of his extremely useful BlackBerry Master Control Program (MCP). Darren let me know that he has released the final version of MCP, v0.9.2.0.

General changes in this version:

  • MCP now supports Java Loader 5.0.0 Beta 5 (JDE)
  • Stand alone EXE now downloads the correct Java Loader EXE (5.0 Beta 5)
  • Stand alone EXE now downloads the correct images
  • Note: Existing users: close MCP, delete the images and icons folders, run mcp.exe again
  • Updated MCP Help (
  • Added MCP FAX (

Information and download links:

More changelog info available after the jump or visit Darren spends a lot of time improving this software and since it is available for free, please consider donating if you find it useful.

Operating System Management (OSM) Changes

  • “More/Games” section is now “More/IM’s” (Instant Messengers)
  • “Instant Messengers” section is now “BlackBerry Games”
  • More/IM’s > More Modules:  Added:  CityID
  • BlackBerry Games:  Added:  Block Breaker Deluxe 2, Bejeweled, Twist Demo, Monopoly, Peggle Demo, Tetris, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, The Sims 3
  • Confirmation page for OS now shows your PIN in the sample image on the right side

More Changes (Since

  • MCP gets a major facelift!  Brand new graphics for the navigation panel and installers! – Thanks Shane!!!
  • Save Modules now allows user to create ALX/JAD for saved modules (
  • Added Backup & Restore for third party applications (2 clicks) (
  • Added ALX/JAD Builder with drag & drop window for building the module list (
  • Hotkey Navigation (F-Keys) updated (
  • Load/Erase (and other) information popups are now modal (main screen is disabled until operations complete)
  • Left side navigation panel reduced number of icons dramatically (it was too cluttered)
  • MCP navigation icon hints are now more detailed and describe what each page can do
  • MCP Live Support tool (separate download -> bin\support.exe) allows remote viewing and interaction
  • MCP installer now adds “MCP Log” and “MCP Live Support” to the Windows Start Menu
  • External apps icons:  added intelligence to left click…  if app exists, execute it, if not, go to website
  • External apps icons:  hints updated to acknowledge ability to middle click for settings
  • OS Management:  Added “Delete JVM” checkbox (if checked Application Loader will start with the /nojvm parameter which will destroy JVM on the device)
  • OS Management:  Added “Full Wipe” checkbox (if checked Java Loader will “Wipe” the device destroying any existing IT Policies prior to the OS installation)
  • Navigation:  Load/Erase/Save Modules used to be “hidden” under the “Java Loader” page, they are now in the main navigation area
  • Development platform upgraded from “Windows XP SP3 / CodeGear RAD Studio 2009” to “Windows 7 RC1 / Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010”
  • Load Modules > Locate files now initially shows all COD and JAD files, selector allows user to filter differently
  • MCP Bin folder path corruption bug fixed – this was fully annoying!