Facebook BlackBerry App Not Working For You? Here’s What The Reason Could Be [News]

by Mauricio 2,188 views0

UPDATE It looks like Facebook has issued an official statement about the problem (via Erictric):

“We’re currently experiencing issues with our APIs, and as a result, some users may be unable to access the site from their devices at this time. These APIs are designed to make it possible for mobile partners to provide users with their respective Facebook applications.

We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.”


Those of you that follow BBRocks! on Twitter know that I tweeted about the Facebook BlackBerry app not working properly lately. Apparently the problem isn’t isolated because many of you replied agreeing with me. One particular tweep, @mahen915, told me the reason for the Facebook app acting up is their API was recently updated and RIM hasn’t updated to compensate for the changes.

I did some quick searches and found out that Facebook mentioned the API updates on their developer blog. I’m not sure if it’s actually related but having an idea is better than wondering if everyone on Facebook disappeared.

Luckily, though, it looks like only streams are being affected. I’ve been able to post status updates and contact syncing seems to be working fine. If you’re having issues with yours let me know what’s not working in the comments!