SugarSync Introduces New “Upload By Email” Feature With Auto Syncing Of File Attachments [News]

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I’ve mentioned SugarSync quite a few times here on BBRocks! as it offers a great service along with a free BlackBerry application. For those who don’t know,  SugarSync is an online service that allows you to remotely backup and sync files so that you can access them from any PC, Mac or mobile device. New to the SugarSync site is the ability to upload files by email.

With Upload by Email, simply forward the email with the attachment to a special SugarSync email address. Instantly, the file(s) will sync to all of your devices. No more downloading and saving file attachments one by one!

This is particularly useful when you are away from your desk. Using your smartphone or web-based email account, you can quickly forward important emails to your unique SugarSync address. These files will be waiting for you the next time you log onto your computer.

Since SugarSync has a BlackBerry application, once you upload files to your online account you’ll be able to access them whenever without having to keep the attachments downloaded on your device. Here’s a full list of the app’s features:

  • Remote file access and editing: Retrieve, edit and upload files stored on other computers and the Internet (including Microsoft Office docs, music, videos, and more). Note: May require a Blackberry document editor.*
  • On-demand synchronization: SugarSync will detect any file changes and present the opportunity to upload revisions back to the cloud (and to multiple synced computers).
  • Shared Folders: Send files and folders (large and small) to anyone via an email sent directly from the Blackberry, and collaborate on projects through a Web-based Shared Folder (which can sync back to the Blackberry).
  • Powerful Photo Features: Easy browsing with a thumbnail wall display of photo albums, enjoy detail with high resolution photo viewing, and directly upload and sync photos taken with the integrated Blackberry camera.

The Upload by Email features is completely optional and can be enabled/disabled in your account settings. In addition to this new feature SugarSync has also added a new 500GB premium storage plan. For more info visit or check out their blog post.