inPulse Smartwatch For BlackBerry “Is Almost Here” [News]

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It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard anything about the Allerta inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry. The inPulse team has shown that they’re still around with an update to their Tumblr blog:

Long time no blog. We have some amazing news that we’re going to be sharing very shortly. Images, video and something that all you pre-order customers will be extremely happy about. inPulse is almost here.

Short, sweet and vague, but they made it clear that in order to see images and video you must have pre-ordered the Smartwatch. Here’s a feature breakdown:

  • Messages at a glance
    Using your inPulse, a glance down at your wrist is all it takes to discreetly check recently received email and SMS messages. New messages are pushed directly to your inPulse. Instead of pulling out your phone to figure out who keeps texting you, just keep an eye on your inPulse.
  • Never miss an important call
    Have you ever missed a call because you didn’t hear your phone ringing or couldn’t feel the vibration? inPulse has a built-in vibrating motor which alerts you immediately to incoming calls. Glance down at inPulse to quickly see who is calling.
  • Stay connected, always
    inPulse lets you stay connected if your hands are full or if your phone is tucked safely away in your bag or purse. But there are millions of other times when you might wish to see you messages on your wrist.
  • At-a-glance
    inPulse features an elegant user interface with 1 button interaction. It grabs important information like, caller ID, text messages, email titles, calendar alerts and displays it on a colour OLED screen. The watch body is crafted from high-grade materials and is fitted to a custom wrist band.
  • inPulse is customizable
    inPulse is probably the most customizable watch in the world. Instead of setting the time on your watch, inPulse grabs the time straight from your BlackBerry smartphone. Other settings, like custom alarms and timers as well as sleep times and message filters, can be easily modified using the large screen and keyboard on your phone.

For more info and to pre-order the inPulse Smartwatch for $149 visit How many of you can’t wait to get your hands on this gadget?