New Patent Filed By RIM Details How They Will Make Browsing The Web On BlackBerry Faster

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RIM has filed a new patent application with the USPTO detailing how they will speed up browsing the web on BlackBerry smartphones. According to the patent, the new browser technology will prioritize loading of components (content, CSS, JavaScript) while it loads. Here’s the patent abstract:

A method and system for communicating serialized data provides a mechanism for ordering the data in response to a priority. In an embodiment, a server sending the data uses the priority to order the data in a message send queue for sending the data to a requesting device. The server may comprise a gateway and the second device a wireless device communicating with the gateway. The wireless device may send a priority indication in association with a request for the data to facilitate the ordering.

If that doesn’t make any sense you can check out the patent application for full details. Don’t forget that RIM is working on a WebKit browser so this patent application is probably related. According to RIM’s sneak peek video of BlackBerry 6, a WebKit browser will be available with the new OS “next quarter”.

via GoRumors & ReadWriteWeb