A Few More Photos Of The BlackBerry Bold/Torch 9800 Slider, I Spy A T-Mobile SIM Card

by Mauricio 585 views0

I know continuously posting new photos of the BlackBerry Bold/Torch 9800 slider device is a big tease but I (and I know many of you) just can’t get enough of it. It’s not every day RIM works on a new form factor and operating system.

These bunch of photos come to us again courtesy of BerryTimes.cn. In them you get another good look at its hardware and a side view comparison between the Storm2 9520 and Bold 9700. If you ask me the Bold 9800 is looking pretty solid but we won’t know for sure till we get to play with it. Check out the rest of the photos after the jump or for more photos, a video and details, click here.

Note: BerryTimes.cn included a photo showing the T-Mobile SIM card in the first bunch of photos but I failed to mention it then so I figured I would this time. Exciting!