Free Ringtones, Videos, Wallpapers & More For Your BlackBerry From Zedge

by Mauricio 5,911 views0

Zedge has for the longest been one of my favorite “go to” websites for free ringtones and while I may have suggested through our Twitter or Facebook profile, I hadn’t posted about it here.

You can find websites by browsing through search engines but you might have a specific ringtone in mind that you want to download right away. More than half the time I was able to find what I was looking for on Zedge and in more than one variation. Not only does Zedge offer free ringtones, they also offer free wallpapers, videos and text messages. They do have games and themes but there aren’t as many of these for BlackBerry smartphones.

The Zedge website can be accessed from a desktop computer by going to or from a mobile device by going to Sometimes it’s easier to browse first on a computer then on a mobile device because you can grab a specific download code from the desktop page for immediate downloads through the mobile page.

Check it out and if you find any good ones be sure to leave a comment so others can try them out too!