Quick Guide: Set The Time & Date On Your BlackBerry Smartphone

by Mauricio 207 views0

While it may seem like an easy thing to do believe it not many new BlackBerry smartphone owners have trouble setting up the time and date for their device. In an effort to help those users and anyone else who would benefit, I’m going to write up more “Quick Guides” opposed to the long guides for upgrading your OS or backing up / restoring your data. A few Quick Guides are already available and you can see them here. If you think of any guides others would find useful please leave your ideas in the comments!

Steps for setting the time and date on your BlackBerry smartphone:

  1. Find the Options icon on your BlackBerry and click it. If it isn’t in the main Application screen then it might be in the Setup folder.
  2. Once in Options scroll down to Date/Time and click it.
    • Here you will see your device’s current time and a bunch of options and drop down menus.
  3. Set your Time Zone and then select whether or not you want your Time Zone updated automatically. This feature uses your current location to determine the appropriate time zone settings. Options include:
    • On: Automatically changes your time zone.
    • Off: Does not change the time zone from the one you set.
    • Prompt: Prompts you to change time zone if it detects you have moved to a different one.
  4. The Set Time drop down has two options:
    • Automatic: Uses your network’s time. If you set it to this be sure to open the menu and select Update Time to get the network’s time.
    • Manual: Set the time on your own without using the network’s time. This might be good if you want to make the time 5 minutes fast to be on time with things (for example) or if you don’t like using your network’s time. If you are using the Manual setting you can also set the Date.
  5. Set the Time Format, choose between “24 hour” (23:41 = 11:41PM) or “12 hour” (uses AM and PM).

That’s it! Feel free to leave comments if you think something is incorrect or missing.