Feeling Patriotic? Add Flags In BlackBerry Messenger With This Global BBM Flag Code List!

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I’ve frequently been asked by friends how to get flags in BlackBerry Messenger. While there are applications that allow you to add flags in BBM, you might just need a few and not all of them. Thanks to Doug over at Inside BlackBerry, we now have a list of global BBM flag codes.

The flags are arranged in three sets, alphabetically by country short code. If you think you’ll forget what your country’s short code for the BBM flag is, consider using AutoText (our guide here) so you can just type something like USFLAG and the United States flag will pop up. If you don’t see your flag keep looking. If you’re sure it isn’t listed after going through the three sets of flag codes you can let RIM know by leaving a comment on their blog post.

Check out the three sets of BBM flag codes after the jump!

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3