Steve Jobs Tries To Recover From iPhone 4 Fail, Says BlackBerry Bold 9700 Has Reception Issues Too…Does It?

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In an effort to distract everyone from the huge fail that is their iPhone 4 / iOS 4 antenna, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has tried to point out the faults of  other smartphone brands including RIM and the BlackBerry Bold 9700.

“The BlackBerry Bold 9700… let’s see what happens when you hold it in a normal way… 5 bars… and now on holding the left side. The bars go down.”

When I read this I had one of those “oh no he didn’t” moments and decided to test it out myself. I cupped my hands all around my Bold 9700 so all I could see was the screen (had to see the bars) and did notice a slight drop which recovered immediately afterwards, and I was indoors. Of course my Bold 9700 might be slightly different because of software versions and all that, so let’s do a poll. If you own a BlackBerry Bold 9700 or know someone who does, try covering it entirely with your hands (or just the side grip like in the picture above) and vote in the poll below:

[polldaddy poll=3482146]

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments even if you don’t have a Bold 9700.

via Engadget