QR Codes Now In The BlackBerryRocks.com Store For Quick Access Through Mobile Browsers!

by Mauricio 345 views0

If you often visit the BlackBerryRocks.com Store you will have noticed something new. Products available in our store now include barcodes on their details page, more specifically QR codes. I’ve mentioned QR codes a few times before when posting about barcode scanner apps so most you probably know what it is but if you don’t, a QR code is a matrix or 2D barcode which you can scan with your BlackBerry and other mobile devices.

With various QR generation services available, QR codes can lead a scanner to a website, text, phone number or SMS message. For the BBRocks! Store, if you’re browsing on your desktop and see a product you like, all you have to do is scan the product’s barcode with a third-party app or the BlackBerry Messenger barcode scanner and you’ll be taken directly to the mobile page. If the barcode is for an app, game or theme, you’ll be able to scan and download it with just a few clicks.

Head on over to store.blackberryrocks.com from your desktop, browse and test out the barcodes with your BlackBerry. You can also download the free BBRocks! Superstore app at bbrocks.com/superstore so you’ll have immediate access to the store wherever you go.

Note: The QR code above takes you directly to the store.