RIM Working On 4G BlackBerry Codenamed “Triton” – Launching In December?

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According to Frost & Sullivan analyst Samir Sakpal, RIM is working on an iPhone 4 competitor codenamed the BlackBerry “Triton”. This new 4G-enabled BlackBerry will supposedly feature a 5MP front-facing camera for video conferencing along with better processors:

While not much is known about the anticipated device, Frost & Sullivan analyst Samir Sakpal says the Triton is expected to offer functionality designed specifically to help it compete with Apple’s iPhone 4. “The word is that they will have features such as a 5.0 megapixel camera with both front and back imaging, similar to the iPhone 4… for videoconferencing,” he says.

And with AT&T’s recent move towards usage-based pricing (and other carriers expected to follow suit), Sakpal says the BlackBerry platform itself also offers a key benefit.

“When you have 4G and you know for sure that there will be a lot of data consumed by users… you can expect to drive down your costs with the efficiency of the BlackBerry platform, which can provide optimum usage of data,” Sakpal says. “That’s a crucial advantage for BlackBerry over its competitors, and enterprises will definitely want to take advantage of that.”

The specs mentioned by Sakpal go along with earlier leaked Storm 3 specs including the launch date, pegged at December of this year, which was spotted in a Storm 3 training slide. Also, another rumor said a BlackBerry Curve 3, Storm 3 and tablet would be hitting Verizon by the end of the year.

With 4 coinciding rumors from 3 different sources, you can’t help but wonder how long till we see something official.

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