RIM Also Buys BlackBerryTorch.com – Still The Rumored New Name For The Bold 9800 Slider?

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UPDATE 7/28 @ 6:45PM Upon further inspection it looks like RIM purchases BlackBerry domains with model names and numbers separately, meaning blackberry9800.com and not blackberrybold9800.com. RIM could have registered BlackBerryTorch.com and BlackPad.com preemptively to protect possible trademarks. *

Here’s a follow-up to my post about RIM buying BlackPad.com. According to my buddies over at PocketBerry, RIM has also went ahead and purchased the BlackBerryTorch.com domain. If you recall back in June I mentioned that the “Torch” name was rumored to replace the “Bold” name for the 9800 slider. Out of curiosity I checked the info for the blackberrybold9800.com and blackberryslider.com domains and found that RIM hadn’t purchased either. This leads one to believe that Torch 9800 might be the new BlackBerry’s final name, but I guess we’ll find out for sure next Tuesday.

Which do you prefer, Bold 9800 or Torch 9800?