Google Maps For BlackBerry Updated To Version 4.4.0 With Places Page & Improved Search

by Mauricio 366 views0

Last week I let you know that Google would be rolling out version 4.4 of their Google Maps app for BlackBerry. Over the weekend a few of you let me know that version 4.4.0 is available but not directly through the main download page. Here’s a recap of what 4.4.0 includes:

Search for several convenient types of places with the default categories or add your own for your most frequent searches. You can also use the search bar at the top to type or speak any query. I tend to use the “coffee” search a lot, but I’ve also looked for “gas stations” on the road, “ice cream shops” in my neighborhood, and even specific places like “Chelsea Market” on a recent trip to New York.

Of course, you’ll often want to learn more before deciding where to go. With updated Place Pages, you should be able to find all you need to know about a place, whether you’re wandering into a new restaurant or deciding from your couch. In addition to photos and reviews, Place Pages now have a bunch of new details, such as prices, parking and menu links to inform your quest for the perfect steak. You’ll also notice that the search results list now highlights business opening hours in addition to compass direction and distance — consider it your late night caffeine radar.

Even though hasn’t been updated with 4.4.0 yet, BlackBerry users can still download it by clicking here from their BlackBerry Browser. If you spot any other changes feel free to let us know!