Dropbox App For BlackBerry Updated To Beta 5 – Another 1000 Testing Slots Opened!

by Mauricio 277 views0

Dropbox today updated their BlackBerry application to Beta 5. I’m not sure what the exact version number is but here’s the changelog for the update:

  • Fixed stuff
    • various 6.0 UI bugs
    • bugs around sharing
    • support for wma, flac, ogg, aac, 3gpp for devices that support these formats
    • temporary workaround for picture uploading failure on 6.0 (for now, pictures over 700KB are going to get scaled down when uploaded. We’re working on this)
    • more fixes for connectivity over BIS, BES
  • Known issues
    • streaming will fail over BIS, BES
    • uploading files over 1MB will fail. Over BIS, BES, the limit may be even smaller (512KB)
    • downloads of files over 512KB will fail on BIS, BES

If you’re not a current beta tester of the Dropbox application be sure to sign up for it now since they’ve just opened up another 1000 slots! Trust me, they go fast. For more info and to sign up go to dropbox.com/blackberrybeta.

via Dropbox Forums