Halloween Fun: Make Yourself A Member Of The Walking Dead With This Free Zombie Avatar Maker!

by Mauricio 301 views0

Ronen over at BerryReview stumbled upon an awesome website that let’s you turn yourself into a zombie. The website is called “Make Me Zombie” and lets you upload your own close-up picture to convert you into a member of the walking dead. Once your face is converted into a zombie it frames it with the website name at the bottom and lets you save it. I had a problem with the way it cropped the image so I had to put my PhotoShop skills to work (don’t make fun 😉 ) to get it the way it’s seen above.

That’s me by the way, in case you didn’t recognize me from BBM or @techncode. Check it out at makemezombie.com and feel free to share your zombie pics in the comments!

via BerryReview