Funny Video: BBC One’s The One Ronnie In “My Blackberry Is Not Working!”

by Mauricio 229 views0

As a member of the NY Tech Meetup message boards I receive a bunch of emails from members about different tech stories, questions and comments. Members also share casual content they think others would enjoy, like this one sent out by Eddie which included a witty, funny video called “My BlackBerry Is Not Working!”.

The video stars Ronnie Corbett and Harry Enfield and is part of BBC One’s The One Ronnie programme. In the video Ronnie is the patron of a grocery store where he goes to complain that his BlackBerry is not working. What makes this video witty and funny is that they use the blackberry fruit instead of the smartphone. The dialog is clever and will definitely be understood by any BlackBerry smartphone user.

I know I got a good laugh out of this video but check it out for yourself below and let me know what you think!