Verizon Wireless Also Getting The BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet?

by Mauricio 271 views0

We’ve known for some time that a WiFi version of the BlackBerry PlayBook would be available soon as well as a 4G version through Sprint. According to some new info discovered by Engadget and Skatter Tech, Verizon Wireless might also be offering their own version of the PlayBook tablet.

According to the info, a website known as BlackBerry PlayBook Without Limits (a beta program) is advertising a Verizon BlackBerry PlayBook. While Verizon hasn’t confirmed nor denied that this website is theirs, the marketing agency responsible for the site apparently works for RIM and Verizon. An interesting detail but this still doesn’t confirm the site’s validity. I also noticed that the site has been updated and now says “Thank you for your interest in the BlackBerry® BetaZone. Registration has ended.”

Either way, anyone excited for a Verizon version of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, possible LTE-enabled?