Rumor: RIM Launching The BlackBerry PlayBook On April 10th, Final Tablet OS Version Available March 31st?

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Yesterday I was able to check out the BlackBerry PlayBook at an event hosted by RIM in New York City. Unlike previous events, this one allowed almost anyone to play with a PlayBook. So far I’m impressed and as I said on Twitter, I have high hopes for RIM and their first tablet.

To the point of this post, BGR was tipped off with a launch date for the PlayBook. According to “multiple sources”, the PlayBook tablet will be launching on April 10th. In addition to the device launch the Tablet OS will go GM (or gold master) with a final release version available on March 31st so when you turn on the PlayBook for the first time, you’ll be asked to update. BG and his sources are on point most of the time but the real launch date can always change until RIM announces it.

Anyone excited for the PlayBook? I know I am.