T-Mobile Getting The BlackBerry “Monza” Touch On June 29th?

by Mauricio 398 views0

We’ve already seen a bunch of live photos and some videos of the BlackBerry Touch smartphone, codenamed the BlackBerry Monza and Monaco. According to a leaked 2011 roadmap, this device will be available through CDMA networks this year including Sprint. we haven’t heard much about this device launching through GSM networks but thanks to the team over at TmoNews, we now have a date.

According to a few TmoNews ninjas, the BlackBerry Touch has a internal launch date of June 29, 2011. This rumored date makes me wonder if RIM will announce more devices at BlackBerry World instead of just one. Keep in mind that this date is just a rumor so it could change or not even happen. Regardless, anyone on T-Mobile excited for the BlackBerry Touch?