Fixmo Web Messenger Beta: Use BlackBerry Messenger On Your PC!

by Mauricio 872 views0

No, you did not misread this post’s title. The Fixmo team has developed a desktop application that allows BlackBerry Messenger users to stream their screen to their desktop computer to reply using your desktop’s keyboard! Here’s how to get up and running with Fixmo Web Messenger:

  1. Download the mobile App to your device at
  2. Open the mobile App and create a new account with your email address and a password more than 8 characters, this is needed to log in to your BBM
  3. Click on Connect
  4. Now go to and enter your login information there.
  5. Click on Connect on the web interface and you should be ready to use BlackBerry Messenger from your desktop.

Keep in mind that this software is still in beta so make sure you backup your device before installing anything. Also, if you’re not cool with streaming your BBM conversations through Fixmo’s server’s to use this app, you probably shouldn’t download it. Unless of course there’s some form of encryption which I’m sure Fixmo would correct me on anyway, but that wasn’t mentioned in their announcement of the Fixmo Web Messenger.

Feel free to leave some feedback in the comments for Fixmo or check out some troubleshooting and tips below!

  • If it isn’t working:
    • Send us a log from your BB by going menu->Show Log then menu->Email log. Please provide as much information as possible
    • Are you on a corporate BES? Are there any device permissions which may prevent you from using this application? If so, which ones? (there is currently a known issue with Corporate BES permissions on certain devices)
  • Things to test:
    • Turn-off your Wi-fi and try it on 3G, how fast is the Web application refreshing your BBM?
    • Turn on your Wi-fi, how fast is the Web application refreshing your BBM?
  • Tips:
    • If you are finding the application slow, try putting your BB on a wifi network. This should speed things up.
    • If you have a touch screen device, use the PC mouse to navigate around by clicking on the screen.
    • Use the box above the arrow key to type chat messages into, then press enter.
    • Use the PC keyboard arrow keys to navigate through BBM