Problems Installing BlackBerry Bridge OTA? Install Them Through BlackBerry Desktop Manager With These Files!

by Mauricio 2,426 views0

It’s a well-known fact that AT&T has been a troublemaker when it comes to BlackBerry PlayBook and smartphone owners being able to take full advantage of the PlayBook experience with BlackBerry Bridge. For those of you that aren’t able to download BlackBerry Bridge OTA, a BerryReview tipster has provided some third-party download links with the files needed to install it through BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Make sure you backup your BlackBerry PlayBook and smartphone data before using this app. Even though it originated from RIM, you can never be too careful when downloading it from a third-party file share sites. Let me know if these Bridge files worked for you and if you still have issues, check out this official workaround from RIM.