Wakeful BlackBerry Alarm Clock App Gets A Price Drop to $4.99! Start Your Day Productively & Well Informed

by Mauricio 141 views0

A few months ago I let you know about an app called Wakeful, an alarm clock app for BlackBerry smartphones that comes with a bunch of great features. As I mentioned in their beta testing post, this alarm clock app reminds me a lot of JARVIS, the personal digital assistant to Tony Stark (aka Iron Man). Patrick from Ninja Otter let me know they’ve permanently dropped the price of Wakeful! Features of this app include:

  • Up to Speed, All the Time
    Wakeful brings you the world’s latest breaking news each morning.
  • Prepared for Mother Nature
    Receieve your local weather and plan your day as you’re waking up.
  • On Top of Stocks
    Get the most current stock information based on the world’s most important indexes.
  • Tailor Made for You
    Wakeful is customized to you, based on your geo-location.
  • A Growing Platform
    Wakeful is constantly adding new features that improve your morning.

Formerly $7.99, the Wakeful BlackBerry Alarm Clock app is available for $4.99 in the BBRocks! Store with a free trial. Check out the video below for a demo, I’ve also included the related JARVIS scene from Iron Man 😀 .