Leaked: BlackBerry Colt Is RIM’s First QNX Powered Superphone! Launching Q1 2012!?

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While many are excited for the upcoming BlackBerry 7 smartphones like the Torch 9860 and Bold 9900, many more are still anxious to see a QNX-powered BlackBerry “superphone”. Details on the QNX devices have been vague except for a small mention back in January by Mike Lazaridis. Today BGR has leaked some details for the first QNX-powered BlackBerry smartphone, codenamed the “Colt”. Some details:

RIM has always touted the superior battery life of its mobile devices, and this has forced the vendor to be one of the last to adopt various technologies, from full-color screens to fast 1+ GHz processors. In a time where we’re close to seeing quad-core CPUs in mobile devices, RIM is launching single core devices with a promise of dual-core processors coming to its future QNX smartphones. The information we have received suggests that the first QNX device out of Research In Motion will be powered by a single-core processor, however, rather than a speedier multi-core chipset. It’s entirely possible that it could change ahead of the device’s release, our source said, but the internal testing going on right now is with a single-core chip.

So far the rumored launch date for the BlackBerry Colt is Q1 2012. Hopefully we’ll see some more leaks for this device soon!

via BGR