BBM Music Beta Program In BlackBerry Beta Zone Opened To North America & UK!

by Mauricio 190 views0

While checking in to the BlackBerry Beta Zone today I noticed that a new beta program was posted by RIM for users in North America and the UK (Consumer – NA, UK) for BBM Music. RIM recently added BBM Music to the Test Center in BlackBerry App World so it makes sense that they’d follow up with a more open beta program for the app. Here’s a reminder of BBM Music’s features:

  • Build your music profile from a catalogue of millions of tracks (with more to be added over the coming weeks)
  • Invite friends to BBM Music from your BBM contacts and gain access to their music
  • Create playlists from your BBM Music songs plus your friends’ songs
  • Share playlists or single songs with BBM Music friends
  • Follow your friends’ BBM Music activity via timelines and comments, or start up a BBM chat about your favorite bands
  • Cache music for easy offline listening
  • Seamless integration with other BlackBerry music services

For more info and to join the beta program for BBM Music sign up or log in at Keep in mind that while this beta was listed as open to consumers in North America and the UK, not everyone might have access right away. Let me know if you’re able to join the program in the comments!