RIM Guarantees App Developers A 10K Annual Profit, Wants to Be Superman

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Thorsten Heins CEO of RIM during the General 'Keynote' Session

RIM has made is abundantly clear that they want plenty of applications and content to be available for the Blackberry 10 launch later this year.

“We understand you want key content on your Blackberry when we deliver the new platform to you.”

Thorsten Heins, the CEO of RIM, identified that consumers want ample content available to them proceeding a product launch, and he clarified that RIM is dedicated to making that happen.

In order to attract developers to the dark side -okay, so that’s not politically correct- the Blackberry side, RIM gave every developer at the Blackberry 10 Jam one of the Dev Alpha devices for use during the development process.

By now you’re probably wondering how the red and blue caped crusader comes into play, keep reading, we’ll get to that.

RIM is doing more than just giving away a bunch of innovative phones to boost application development for the upcoming Blackberry 10 platform. Alec Saunders, RIM’s VP of Developer Relations, revealed that Blackberry will guarantee developers a minimum of $10,000 in annual revenue. If first year developers happen to fall short of the 10K mark, RIM will pay the difference.

But don’t for a second believe that RIM hasn’t added some stipulations in order to cover themselves. Before RIM pays for anything, the application in question must make at least $1,000 in the App store. If, and only if, the application makes its $1,000 sales mark, then RIM will play Superman and swoop in to save the day. This policy will at least form some kind of protective film for RIM, ensuring they only have to support quality apps.

Unfortunately, all you silly developers out there looking to make a quick buck with the next phone tanning app, we’re sad to report that you won’t be seeing a check from RIM anytime soon.

While we applaud RIM for adopting such an ambitious campaign, we can’t help but ponder how desperate it all seems. With this campaign RIM seems more than just desperate, they’re practically shouting to the heavens that Blackberry 10 apps will be sufficient, and we all know that a whole lot of shouting doesn’t just make things true.

If RIM maintained focus on building a great development platform, the apps would eventually come. Although, like RIM, Microsoft has also offered developers money for quality apps, so one could easily argue the counterpoint that desperation is absent and this is now a normal process.

We’re not knocking you RIM, we’re just wondering if this campaign is such a brilliant idea.

Nevertheless, the real news here is that RIM is entirely dedicated to fleshing out the application market for the Blackberry 10 product line. In fact, they’re so dedicated that they’re willing to guarantee developers $10,000 in profit.

Good luck with that RIM.