Who Are Blackberry People?

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Blackberry People at the Blackberry World 2012 Store

There sure was a lot of talk about “Blackberry People” last week, and RIM casually threw the phrase around so much, that it seemed they were actually trying to whisper sweet nothings into the ears of every Blackberry World attendant.

Our casual joking aside, it was evident throughout the keynote, and the entire conference, that RIM undoubtedly took the time to figure out who their majority user base is, and what they stand for.

Thorsten Heins, CEO of Research In Motion made several comments regarding Blackberry users, elaborating on who they are as a community.

“We spend a lot of time on who are we mostly talking to, who is the target customer. The common denominator with all our customers is that they are striving to succeed.”

“Blackberry people care about being productive.”

“Blackberry is focused on Blackberry people, our users are hyperconnected.”

The question still remains, who are “Blackberry people”? Are “Blackberry People” comprised of mainly an older audience which includes business minded folk, or are “Blackberry People” younger in nature and ideals?

Do Blackberry People walk the city streets with the rest of us common folk, or are they floating along on some trans-spiritual highway in the heavens?

It’s hard to focus on such a diverse community and choose one focus group, or one specific age group. Blackberry users are everywhere, and the community is made up of people of all ages, denominations, and nationalities. Most of all, Blackberry users seem to have their own agenda when it comes to Blackberry products, and they utilize each platform to achieve whichever goals it is they need to achieve.

Blackberry People include corporate and business employees, DJ’s and music enthusiasts, developers and programmers, and even young “productive” minded hooligans.

One thing is for certain, the Blackberry platform is now solely dedicated to “success”. RIM wants its consumers to succeed, and they were pushing this idea with every resource available to them.

Thorsten Heins is working to change the way Blackberry applies to the world, not necessarily by changing the platform or their business goals and directives, but by this idea of success that he so fondly alludes to. During the general session on Tuesday morning, Heins went on further to say that the idea of “Blackberry People” and “Success” is not mutually exclusive.

“When I talk about people that want to be successful, that is not in any way exclusive. The design objective of Blackberry products is to help people succeed.”

“There are 55 million Blackberry subscribers.”

“Blackberry is all about success. This is the core of Blackberry.”

Heins also clarified that the Blackberry platform “aids 77 million people to succeed on a daily basis.”

It would appear, RIM is a little obsessed with this idea of success, which is not necessarily a terrible thing. At least it’s evident they’re focusing on the future. Also, we now know who “Blackberry People” are, sort of.

We, at Blackberry Rocks, will stick to believing in our previous idea of Blackberry People, floating spiritual orbs who happen to use electronic gadgets to achieve their aspirations.