RIM Counting on The BlackBerry 10 to Put Them Back on Top

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If there’s one thing that BlackBerry fans have had to get used to in recent months, it’s negative news and articles about RIM and BlackBerry. It seems like just yesterday when the BlackBerry was the most innovative and talked-about smartphone in the business. With celebrities, important businessmen, and even the President of the United States himself talking about their BlackBerry addiction, it seems that RIM and BlackBerry may have gotten a little too cozy.

Unfortunately, while RIM neglected to break new barriers in the BlackBerry, its competitors – mainly Apple, of course – started bringing new ideas to smartphone technology that made the BlackBerry look dated. Today, many BlackBerry fans are clearly worried about RIM’s future as this Canadian company’s reputation is starting to seem bleak. At least that is the impression one would get from the number of pessimistic news items in recent months.

RIM is Still a Long Way Off From Bankruptcy

There is no denying that Android and iOS phones have taken over the market and that RIM is struggling to attract new customers. However, the plans for Apple’s new system reveal more of the same, increments to already existing technology. Meanwhile, it seems that RIM is throwing everything they have behind the BlackBerry 10. It’s also important to note that RIM is nowhere near bankruptcy, with a worth of more than two billion dollars. While the numbers are alarming, of course – RIM shares have dropped nearly ninety percent in the last three years – there are still 78 million BlackBerry subscribers around the word. For now, RIM is outclassed by its competitors, but there is ample reason to believe that RIM can make a comeback with the BlackBerry 10.

Will The BlackBerry 10 be Enough to Breathe New Life Into RIM Stock?

RIM Counting on The BlackBerry 10 to Put Them Back on Top Industry insiders are optimistic about the BlackBerry 10. In fact, RIM seems quite confident that the BlackBerry 10 will change the smartphone landscape. These are not empty boasts, the features we’ve seen in this new smartphone are very positive and indicate that it may, in fact, have what it takes to return RIM to its former glory.

Thorsten Heins, RIM’s CEO, has repeatedly spoken about the BlackBerry 10 with confidence in its role in the future of the company. With critics all around the world all too eager to write RIM’s eulogy, hopefully the BlackBerry 10 proves them wrong.