Blackberry 10: What About it?

by Thea Neuman 487 views0

One thing about Blackberry 10 – it is coming before its schedule. We all have been waiting for October when Blackberry 10 will be launched, but now it’s heard that Blackberry 10 will come sooner. A September launch surely sounds exciting, but an August launch would be even better. I don’t know the exact date, but I’m hopeful the launch would be pretty soon.

More great news is that it is going to be colorful this time. I’ve mostly seen white/black/chrome colors on Blackberries. I know there have been more colors, but they didn’t quite become famous. I’m hoping these colors would make a splash this summer.

The Big Deal

Blackberry 10 I was happy to know about the colors and early launch, but what really broke my heart was that there will be no physical keyboard on the first handsets of Blackberry 10! No keyboards? How will people like me with stubby fingers type? But it has been confirmed that BB 10 based handsets will not have QWERTY keyboards, but rather just onscreen ones. RIM is proud of the new launch and their onscreen keyboards will be easy to use, but old fashioned people like me have loved and accepted Blackberries just because of their keyboards, so this is going to break many hearts.

Inside stories say that the virtual keyboard is going to be very smooth, unlike the earlier attempts of RIM with Torch onscreen keyboards. I have used Torch and I agree that its keyboard is not made for people with stubby fingers.
Sources say that BB 10 keyboards are going to be extremely easy to use, and they’ll be different than the other virtual keyboards that users have been using till now.

But wait, there is more. When it comes to Blackberry 10, we hear three words: peek, glance, and flow. What do these three words mean, and why are they hyped with BlackBerry 10?

Peek: It’s the gesture that lets you view many layers of the same app. For example, you can view the PDF attached to an email. You can peek back and forth to see the inbox, individual email, and the attachment. Blackberry 10

Glance: This gesture lets you see notifications totally easily. Just swipe up from bottom right and you will see the notification bar showing up from the right. So you just have to glance to know what’s new and if there are any notifications.

Flow: It allows users to go through applications easily. With this gesture, you’d want to switch from iOS to Blackberry.

I know these three words might sound confusing now, but once you use the new BB 10 running handsets, you’ll be able to get a feel of the new concept.

Overall I’m very happy and excited about the new Blackberry 10 experience, but a little worried about the keyboard thing. The QWERTY keyboard was one of the major things that made me love Blackberries. What are your views on this move? Do you think removing the physical keyboard and adding a virtual one is a smart move? Let us know through your comments.