What We’re Looking Forward to The Most in The BlackBerry 10

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Last month we finally got a preview of the BlackBerry 10 at BlackBerry World. Although the pundits have been repeatedly bashing RIM, constantly saying that the company is going down, we are really excited about many of the new features in the BlackBerry 10. Of course, the BlackBerry has been one of the best productivity smartphones on the market, known mainly for this task. However, the BlackBerry 10 seems to show that RIM will start to shift focus, to give the BlackBerry a much needed overhaul in its communications and entertainment features. One of the aspects of the BlackBerry 10 that we are most excited about is how it will handle media and games.

A New Keyboard Experience

Now, if you had asked me two years ago how I feel about touchscreen keyboards, the answer would definitely have been a resounding negative. Surprisingly, as touchscreen technology and keyboard software has improved, I find myself typing just as fast on a touchscreen as on my handy BlackBerry physical keyboard. That is why I am really excited about the new touchscreen experience in the BlackBerry 10. Apparently, it is optimal for typing one-handed, which is one of those things that are really awkward on touchscreen keyboards. Add that to the natural flow you get on the BlackBerry for switching from one application to another and I can see typing on the BlackBerry 10 becoming an almost addictive experience.

What We're Looking Forward to The Most in The BlackBerry 10 Many have been skeptical about this new development, but I’m confident that the good people at RIM will pull it off seamlessly. One of my favorite features of the BlackBerry, from the very beginning, has been the attention that they have always paid to ensuring that the actual physical experience of using a BlackBerry is pleasant and natural. Because of that, I am super excited to see what RIM can bring to touch-screen technology and on-screen typing in the BlackBerry 10.

A Powerful New Platform!

I think that the most exciting development in regards to the BlackBerry 10 is the fact that the QNX platform is very – I can’t overstate this, you need to experience it – very powerful. Most BlackBerry users have not had the chance to try out the PlayBook tablet. The QNX platform does away with the most common BlackBerry complaints (such memory problems, for example.) In fact, we’re confident that the amazing performance of the QNX platform in smartphone form will breathe new life into RIM stock and quiet down all the naysayers.

So, what are you looking forward to the most in the BlackBerry 10?