Blackberry Getting Popular Among Developers

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Blackberry maker RIM certainly looks in an upbeat mood in spite of having multiple problems, and the reason is unexpected positive response from developers regarding upcoming Blackberry 10 platform.

It has become a known fact that Blackberry 10 Jam event turned out to be successful as it served its purpose by attracting worldwide developers’ attention.

After successful international Jam sessions, RIM is back again with an updated BlackBerry 10 Developer Toolkit, which is now available at the Blackberry website for free in beta version.

Blackberry Getting Popular Among Developers This new and updated BlackBerry 10 Developer Toolkit comprises of brand new features along with many enhancements. Out of them, the most prominent one is API two key sets for the developers of BB 10. This is basically a framework of app invocation which facilitates flawless interaction among the applications of Blackberry 10. Apart from flawless interaction, Push APIs allow developers to make the most of worldwide Blackberry infrastructure by facilitating them to send various notifications to other BB 10 devices.

Christopher Smith (VP of Handheld Application Platform & Tools at RIM) stated that RIM is extremely excited about the manner in which developers have welcomed BB 10 platform. Within a very short span of time, there have been some incredible apps from all categories which cater to BB 10 platform. This update will further assist developers in creating new apps, as there is an enhancement to entire 4 SDKs and there are two key APIs as well, which will facilitate developer in building a flawless flow between apps designed for BB 10 users.

Application Invocation Framework

There is an application invocation framework, which will allow developers to let their applications gel with those applications that dwell within BB 10 and that’s how BB 10 users will be able to experience a seamless flow between apps. Developers work will be made easier as they will have an access to majority of sample apps for BB10 main version and HTML5 development, as well.

Push APIs

Push APIs will facilitate developers of Adobe AIR and BB WebWorks to make the best of RIM’s exclusive push technology so that they can easily push contents from their app servers to BB 10 users.

BlackBerry App World Updates

Blackberry Getting Popular Among Developers Besides releasing an updated toolkit for BlackBerry 10 developer, RIM is also gearing up for launching a Vendor Portal on BlackBerry App World for test devices for BlackBerry 10. This will basically keep developers updated about their fellow developers work regarding BB 10.

Developer Community

RIM has come to understand that in order to make a decent come back, support of worldwide developers’ community is extremely crucial, hence it has been doing whatever it can in order to grab and sustain developers’ interest in BB 10 platform. The whole idea behind organizing BB10 Jam World tour, which made its presence felt in above 20 countries, finally bore fruit and since then there is no looking back for RIM.

HTML5 Development

BlackBerry WebWorks will now allow developers to bring into play CSS and HTML5 for creating apps along with JavaScript bindings offering to APIs and also open source toolkits like Sencha, jQuery Mobile, and bbUI.

Native Development

The BB 10 SDK Native has incorporated API support for Cryptography, Audio Manager, NFC, Notifications Manager and Slogger2.

Additional Language Support

After updating AIR tools, they now lend support to in-app payment, multiple window support APIs, and camera.

After going through these latest updates, it is clear that RIM is working to the best of its ability and by incorporating some cool updates it has certainly managed to impress worldwide BB 10 developers.