Carriers For Blackberry 10

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We all know that RIM is eager to bounce back, and it seems that the time has come for that, as this Ontario-based company is slipping into fast and furious mode.

Thorsten Heins (CEO & President of RIM) divulged many details regarding the unreleased BB 10 platform, during a brief conversation with the Wall Street Journal. The first thing which he revealed about forthcoming platform was that the company is all set to demonstrate the new devices to carriers.

He said that these devices are almost on the verge of completion and company will start delivering them to carriers by the next week.

Heins Interviewed by Wall Street Journal Many Blackberry websites verified the same by suggesting that more and more employees of the company are getting involved in the test group of Beta Version.

This time Heins has come up with some additional details regarding new BB 10 smartphones. Once again he repeated that out of two smartphone models, one will be featuring a touch screen and another device would be featuring a physical keyboard. He also said that both models will come with removable batteries so users won’t have to worry about additional battery consumption. We all know that BB’s physical QWERTY keyboard has won global recognition and lot of accolades. In fact, the QWERTY keyboards of Blackberry Bold 9930 and9900 were tagged as the best QWERTY ever found on a smartphone.

In the course of time, Research In Motion will roll out 6 models and the ratio of devices featuring touchscreen and physical keyboard would be 3:3.

For a while, RIM will require to shift its focus towards its carrier partners rather than end users because carriers will play a significant role in deciding the functionality of upcoming BB 10 platform.

BB 10 Smartphone to Go to Carriers One executive from RIM’s carrier partner revealed that the new platform has been improved to a great extent as compared to the existing BB smartphones. He also hinted that due to a major improvement, RIM’s new BB 10 platform may prove to be in the same league with Google’s dynamic and extreme user friendly OS, Android. He further added that there is no doubt over RIM’s ability to meet the release time frame deadline of 2013 first quarter for its next gen BB 10 smartphones.

A spokesman from AT&T, Mark Siegel stated that his company values its relationship with RIM and he also hinted that AT&T will be glad to associate with BB and would indeed like to take new BB 10 experience to the end users through their carrier network.

The entire journey of development of Blackberry 10 has been full of challenges. Now when the company is almost prepared for the final battle, there lie some major stumbling blocks on the way of its success.

It appears that leading carriers are confident about the new platform’s performance and functionality, and this has made RIM confident about the support and assistance of major carriers. But for now, we don’t really know which carrier will be chosen for Blackberry 10 phones.