RIM Demonstrates The New BB 10 Smartphones to Worldwide Wireless Carriers

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RIM has entered into an action packed mode, and has revealed that they are gearing up for unveiling their upcoming BB 10 smartphones to carriers. The moment is nearing by, and RIM has started demonstrating their much discussed unreleased BB 10 smartphones to various worldwide wireless carriers.

RIM is pinning all its hopes on its advanced and more user friendly BB 10 OS, since its release will decide the fate of this Canadian tech giant, which is believed to be already slipping into decay.

RIM Begins Showing BB 10 to Phone Carriers RIM’s representatives exhibited company’s new dynamic BB 10 OS to mobile phone carrier companies this week. Andrew McLeod (RIM’s MD for Canadian Operations) stated on Thursday that carrier companies gave positive feedback regarding the forthcoming smartphones. He further added that RIM will soon commence a discussion related to various aspects of BB 10, like its launch and business related strategies etc. He repeated that the company is on the verge of giving a finishing touch to the software, and stated confidently that whatever RIM has demonstrated regarding software and product strength, will thrill most people.

Alec Saunders (RIM’s developer relations VP), said that RIM will take a couple of months before commencing shipment of upcoming devices.

RIM organized a conference near its Waterloo-based headquarters, which was attended by hundreds of application developers. Though there is no doubt that Apple Inc. fascinates app developers to a great extent and RIM is yet to woo developers in the same manner, but the company is not giving up. If reports are believed, then Apple is all set to release its most innovative iPhone so far, during this year around fall. Chances of its success are very high considering the fact that Apple will gain an upper hand in the mobile phone foray because it will encash the lucrative Christmas shopping season.

In order to thrive in cutthroat mobile market competition, RIM adopted a turnaround strategy. Under this strategy, it laid off 5000 workers in order to save $1bn but it seems that it wasn’t of much use. The announcement of delaying the much awaited BB 10 smartphones acted like a big spoilsport but company’s new CEO Heins tried to justify the delay by saying that a release during this year was not at all possible. They wanted to give enough time to the platform’s development so that the resulting phone could have everything what users were waiting for. Well if you want quality, it will take some time.

Thorsten Heins CEO Before losing its charm, RIM was Canada’s most sought after tech brand with a market standing of about $80 billion way back in June 2008, but company’s situation gradually started deteriorating after that. People also noted that RIM’s downturn pattern is somewhat similar to Nortel, another leading Canadian tech firm, which became a victim of bankruptcy during 2009.

Well, it would be really interesting to see what worldwide carriers have to say about the new platform. Let’s see if they would reveal the truth or prefer to opt for a ‘No Comments’ policy.