BlackBerry 10 to Bring Out Something Better Than ‘Android Mojo’

by Thea Neuman 163 views0

Heins recently made an avowed intent that Research in Motion is going to roll out something unique this time with their latest BB 10 smartphone models, which would be capable of startling mobile phone users to a great extent. He also hinted that people should not mistake BB 10 for anything similar to earlier Blackberry models, especially BB 7.

He stated something similar during an interview with eWEEK on 14th August that though the DNA of new BB 10 super phone is somewhat similar to the former BB 7 model, but in terms of experience, BB 10 will be more intuitive because RIM has integrated some incredible perceptive gestures features in it.

Even the OS of upcoming smartphones is completely fresh this time because in the wake of ground-breaking iOS and Google’s radical OS Android, RIM can’t make a mistake of releasing anything outdated and it is pointless to talk about the significance of a dynamic OS, that too when a company is almost on the verge of losing its grip on its mobile phone market share.

BB 10 OS is Going to Be a Brand New OS According to Heins RIM is now trying to compete with the USPs of other mobile phone makers. For instance, after witnessing tremendous popularity of touch screen devices, this Canadian tech giant has ensured that along with standard QWERTY physical keyboard, it releases one model featuring touch screen. Now the question is, isn’t that too late or will it really make sense anymore at this point of time when other leading players are advancing their touch-screen experiences?

‘Information Week’ revealed that RIM is pondering over adding of ‘Android Mojo’ in its forthcoming BB 10 smartphones by directing feeds from social networking & other sites to one place. Heins gave example of ‘People Hub’ feature from Windows phones in order to throw some light on addition ‘Android Mojo’ like feature in RIM’s unreleased BB 10 devices.

Heins repeated that people should neither mistake Blackberry phones as exclusive corporate phones, nor should they think that RIM is trying to copy its competitors (Apple Inc., Samsung and other leading players) for luring masses of consumers. RIM has been successful in sustaining its unique identity so far and it plans to continue doing same in future. He said that BB 10 is simply meant for Blackberry people.

Heins Talks About Uniqueness of BB 10 Heins also talked about integration of BB 10. He said that BB 10 phones have been designed in such a manner that the whole experience of social networking and emails would be extremely simpler and hassle free.

He also laid stress on a point that RIM certainly wants to ensure best mobile phone experience to its end users but for that it can’t embrace every cutting edge technology. He confessed that there are tech giants who are capable of offering innovative technology related to certain features, and that RIM is looking forward to partnering with such firms who can help this company with the competition. Right now, we have no choice but to believe Heins’ words. So let’s wait and watch if BB 10 devices fulfill the promises being made by RIM.