Optus New Payment Option Embraces Purchases of BB Apps & Facebook Credits

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Amidst numerous problems and immense pressure, RIM has managed to score a brownie point. According to the latest reports, Optus has announced that from now onwards, purchases made from BB App World can be charged straight away to the mobile phone bill of Optus which is linked with the device. Also, purchases of Facebook credits can be charged directly to user’s phone bills now.

At one side, these latest arrangements for billing undoubtedly facilitate payment, but on the other side, this new addition may increase the worry of parents who can’t keep eyes on their kids all the time regarding use of BB devices.

Austin Bryan (VP of ecosystems & digital communities at Optus & SingTel) stated that this new partnership which has been announced by the company is basically a step towards offering seamless experience of connectivity all across the globe to the customers of Optus.

He added further that his company is totally committed towards offering effortless, secure & uncomplicated experience of making online payment to its end users.

New Payment Option on BB Phones The new deal, announced in association with Boku (a Payment firm) & Blackberry, is applicable on both postpaid and prepaid account holders. Representatives of Optus also disclosed that this new arrangement will be made available very soon to platforms other than Facebook and BB App World.

If we take a glance on the pros and cons of this new arrangement then we can derive that on one side this new option for payment facilitates customers of Optus in entering their mobile phone number in order to purchase games, apps, gifts, vouchers & credits, and on the other side, it encourages chances of unintended purchases and also increases the possibility of purchases made without the permission of an account holder. To ensure complete safety & to avoid chances of any kind of fraudulent activity in this new payment option, there has been made a provision for customers in accordance to which, they will have to enter their mobile number and they will receive a confirmation via SMS on their phone.

Nonetheless, there is no denying the fact that this new payment option is very competent in offering a safe online payment experience because with this users do not need to disclose details regarding their credit or debit cards.

Blackberry App Purchases Can Now be Added to Users' Phone Bills Many of us are already aware that due to the advent of cutting-edge online payment technologies such as NFC (Near Field communication), it has indeed become imperative for carriers to enhance users’ experience of online transactions, exchanging of digital content and lending proper connectivity to electronic devices with just a touch. Apple is already offering a payment option through which the purchases made for games & apps are being charged directly to users’ phone bills.

It is pointless to say that BB users will certainly be delighted to have an access to such a convenient payment option & so will be the Optus customers, on having a payment option compatible with BB phones.