10 Things to Expect From Upcoming BB 10 – Part 1

by Thea Neuman 209 views0

It is a crunch time for Research in Motion as BB 10 smartphone release date is nearing by and RIM certainly does understand that this time if it fails in meeting users’ expectations, it will be completely out from the category of leading tech giants. For now, let’s talk about the features of forthcoming BB 10 super phones that you can expect.

1. Unique User Interface Through Revamped BB 10 OS

When RIM says that it has really worked hard in developing a dynamic OS, we should believe it. At least, various positive feedbacks and numerous great features are vouching for the same. RIM has successfully tapped the multi-tasking abilities of QNX based software. This cutting edge OS is all set to deliver highly advanced app experience, which is being said to be way ahead of the ‘open & close’ experience offered by existing mobile platforms.

2. Integrated Messaging FTW

Unified inbox on BB10 will continue to mesmerize end users who look forward for instant communication. BB 10 will facilitate in letting you access your inbox from within any app and the credit goes to incredible speedy swipe gesture.

3. Flexibility to Choose From Touch Screen Keyboard & Physical Keyboard

RIM has made its point clear time and again that despite the growing popularity of touch-screen phones; it is not going to ditch its conventional physical keyboard. That’s a win-win situation for both the company and its end-users, since RIM will be able to woo its users who have a penchant for BB devices and also hold fascination for touch screen devices. According to the sources, size of the touch-screen leaves enough space on keyboard so that user can exercise two thumbs typing comfortably. Also, it has been revealed that RIM is working towards integrating predictive text output. What’s more? Well, the touch-centric keyboard is even capable of supporting 3 languages at the same time. Having talked all about touch-centric keyboards & physical keyboards, there is no denying the fact that RIM’s new physical keyboard will be a cut above the physical keyboard of former BB smartphone models.

BB 10 Features to Expect 4. Ease of Using Phone Through One Hand

BB 10 is designed in such a manner that it ensures ease of using the phone through one hand. It is meant for offering great comfort to consumers who believe in multitasking. So if you too are among users who want to communicate and at the same time want to execute some important task on your phone then BB 10 is for you.

5. QNX Performance, Simplicity & Stability

There are more than 78 million BB users in the entire world. All these users know how efficient BB OS is but they are yet to experience the power of QNX based BB OS, which is a par above BB’s earlier OS. No hour glassing, no scarcity of app memory, and no hassles in receiving OS updates as QNX based BB OS promises to deliver an impressive performance keeping intact simplicity & stability.