Android OS Overtakes BlackBerry OS in Indonesia

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In second quarter of the year 2012, Blackberry had maintained itself as the top smart phone of Indonesia, but it has a reason to be sad as Android has overtaken Blackberry OS as the most popular OS. Currently, Android has more than half of the market share in its pocket, which is true based on facts given by IDC.

According to statement given by Darwin Lie, who is a Market Analyst with IDC for the Client Devices Research branch, incoming bulk of Android phones in Indonesia are responsible for increase in its market share, apart from the reason that android phones are easy on budget.

Android OS Overtakes BlackBerry OS in Indonesia Lie said that Android phones are cheap and have a whole lot of applications, and not to forget, Blackberry 10 has been delayed. All buyers, including those who are willing to wait for Blackberry 10, are shifting base to Android for the time being, which has further pushed sales of Android phones and shifted the OS base from Blackberry.

Market statistics say that mobile phone market in the country has increased by 10% in each quarter, which is a decent growth. It is to be noted that shipments of feature phones has increased gigantically since the second quarter in Indonesia. The growth was mainly accelerated by vendors who have stocked handsets for the festive season of Id-ul-Fitr. There has been an increase in customers who have been looking forward to get phones with touch-screen, which will further increase shipment of smart phones in Indonesia up to 7 million units, predicts IDC.

Here is quick take on the varied smart phone manufacturers with major share in Indonesia.

In the second quarter of 2012, Blackberry had maintained its share in the market with a marginal fall of 6% in comparison to the first quarter. In this period, Android OS gained its share over RIM’s Blackberry OS. Currently, there are more than 10 popular vendors who are offering Android smart phones in the country.

Android OS Overtakes BlackBerry OS in Indonesia The strong and persistent performance of the Asha and the X series has helped Nokia in maintaining its presence in the market. For the second quarter of the current year, Nokia witnessed decent profits with the launch of Lumia 610 and 900, with both of them getting successful reactions from all and for being dependable models.

Another player that maintained itself in the mobile phone market is Cross. It had great shipment volumes in the second quarter and has smart marketing activities happening in the country. The natives of the country still prefer Cross over others for varied reasons.

From the galaxy series to the basic feature phones, Samsung has restored to pure marketing techniques to maintain its share, and as for the launch of Galaxy S3, it ensured that the company remained in news and retained its share in the market. For now, Samsung seems to be in a comfortable position in Indonesia that cannot be harmed.