Tepid iPhone 5 Launch, But BlackBerry 10 Delay Looks Damaging

by Thea Neuman 172 views0

It came as a surprise when RIM, the BlackBerry maker, decided and announced in June that they will be delaying launch of the much talked about BlackBerry 10 mobiles. The next generation OS for BlackBerry was supposed to come somewhere in 2012, but the same is now supposed to be launched in the first quarter of next year.

To be precise, decision to push the launch came at a juncture when RIM is struggling hard to compete with Google, Apple and Nokia to retain and maintain its share in the smartphone market.

BlackBerry 10 Delay Looks Damaging When the news was announced, it made the situation even bad for RIM as it was already trying hard to retain its third position in the smartphone market. The news meant that the new next generation BlackBerry phones will arrive late when Apple would have already launched its much awaited iPhone 5.

According to a flash poll conducted by some website, as much as 57% of the 1,135 Americans who responded said that iPhone 5 launch did not excite them. Equal number of respondents said that they were particularly let down by technical specifications and styling of Apple. However, there were 45% who were to invest in iPhone 5 as soon as it hits the stores.

iPhone 5 might not have created buzz to the level as it was expected, but at the same time, it is being said that iPhone 5 will register record sales as the launch was covered well by media. Apple has induced ample changes in their new phone and the company has ensured stupendous improvement over iPhone 4. The new iPhone 5 comes with smart and fast processor, a much larger display than iPhone 4S and LTE support. But the changes have not been received well by people, as it was predicted.

BlackBerry 10 Delay As a result, this kind of discontent can offer a gigantic opportunity for all competitors who are willing to capture the market. Now it is time for new Android phones to be launched, including the Galaxy Note and Droid Razr Maxx HD. Windows 8 phone is all set to release in the market, and Microsoft is planning a huge launch. Also, coming in the market are WP8 handsets from HTC, and Nokia and Samsung have already unveiled information about their phones.

As such, the scope that Apple iPhone 5 launch has offered to competitors will not be tapped by RIM as there is still time for BlackBerry 10 OS to launch. RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins said that the problem is certainly there, but in the long run, this issue may actually help RIM. Experts still suggest that launch of BlackBerry 10 OS in the last quarter of 2012 would have helped RIM in a big way.