New BB 10 Devices Look Amazing, But Will They Be Able to Save RIM?

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Some are speculating that RIM will manage to return with a bang but according to many, the Canadian tech giant, Research In Motion, may soon be a thing of the past. However, RIM’s top management is trying not to get distracted by ongoing discouraging rumors and speculations. They are busy in demonstrating their new BB 10 smartphones to carriers, media persons and bloggers.

Al Sacco, who covers Wireless & Mobile for, got access to two models of BB 10 smartphones. Out of those, one had touch screen, while the other had traditional QWERTY keyboard. According to him, RIM has allowed media people to share general opinions regarding upcoming BB 10 OS devices, excluding technical and hardware specifications.

New BB 10 Devices Look Amazing, But Will They Be Able to Save RIM? As far as technical specifications are concerned, it is known to all by now that the touch screen model will feature screen of 1280*720 pixel resolutions and QWERTY keyboard model will feature 720*720 pixel resolutions. Apart from resolutions, RIM has also disclosed that both smartphones will have removable batteries.

BB 10 phones are set for 2013 first quarter release and the touch centric model will arrive before QWERTY keyboard BB 10 phone. Couple of more devices will be released one after another around the middle or end of 2013, which will target people who look for economical handsets.

One point that is worth mentioning here is that, finally RIM has taken a step in the direction of enhancing connectivity experience and as a result, these forthcoming BB 10 models will have 4G LTE connectivity.

According to Al Sacco, these new BB 10 devices appear to be good enough, but he is still not very sure if these new phones will be able to carve out a unique identity in mobile phone market or not. In the feedback he gave, he talked about various aspects of forthcoming BB 10 software and hardware.

About BB 10 Touch Screen & QWERTY Hardware

New BB 10 Devices Look Amazing, But Will They Be Able to Save RIM? In the opinion of Al Sacco, these devices don’t possess the sleekness of Apple iPhone or of latest chic Android smartphones but they manage to exhibit pleasant appearance. He also expressed his penchant for full QWERTY BB 10 device by saying that it is due to the ‘physical keyboard’ that he is using BB. He also stated that by not discarding QWERTY keyboards, RIM proved that it really cares for the sentiments of its loyal subscriber base who have always loved the physical keyboard of RIM’s smartphones.


About BB 10 Software

Al Sacco opined that the new software is undoubtedly much better than its predecessor. It is not only smoother but also gives a refreshing feeling of uniqueness. Though, he doesn’t deny the possibilities of some small issues in the new software which has been tweaked.

To sum up, he said that it’s not just about including cutting edge technology in new smartphones that can save RIM, but a lot depends on the support of developers and of worldwide carriers as well.