BlackBerry 10 Release Date Postponed Again

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While Research in Motion reports that it would release its latest offering, the BlackBerry 10 OS during the first quarter of next year, analysts believe that it would be launched latest by March as opposed to January, as originally proposed.

Such a claim stems from research done by Peter Misek, an analyst from Jefferies. Thus, hopes of earning profits from potential sales can now be generated only during the next three months.

He says that though the management is mum about the entire affair, inside information indeed points to the fact that the release is delayed, thus dampening hopes for earning revenue within the first quarter itself.

This news is not new as the release of BlackBerry 10 has been delayed once before, by company CEO Thorsten Heins – when he postponed its launch from fourth quarter of last year to the first quarter of this year. This new device is the first in range of a series of top of the line smartphones from BlackBerry.

Though Heins never declared January to be the official release month, one of his interviews to The Telegraph in August made it seem to be so.

When asked for comments, RIM did not clarify the release date for BlackBerry 10. It only told CRN that it would honour its first quarter target as decided by it before. The spokesperson said that first quarter aim was disclosed by Heins at the BlackBerry Jam Americas conference this year and would remain the same.

Misek further added that the launch of BlackBerry 10 is the first in various upcoming strategy measures undertaken by RIM to place itself in the third place after industry leaders Apple IOS and Google Android.

Once, the OS is released, BlackBerry will be on the lookout to secure partnership deals with handset manufacturers like Samsung and ZTE to make sure that it is successful.

Misek talks about the emergence of a third ecosystem in the mobile market as reported by eWeek. However, the fact that RIM is able to displace Microsoft’s Windows range of phones to clench the coveted third position is very must resting on its ability to win over Samsung, ZTE and Huawei to license.

BlackBerry 10 Release Date Postponed Again The belief that RIM will face a tough time trying to attain a sizeable user-base for the BlackBerry 10 is shared by Patrick Moorhead, president and head analyst, Moor Insights and Strategy.

He further adds that if the BlackBerry 10 happens to fail under any circumstance. It would be considered as a yet another dud. However, failure of BlackBerry’s offerings at the market has become much of a norm for the industry and so eyebrows may not even be raised. Even though BlackBerry 10’s deal is quite impressive, it has a tough situation ahead. RIM’s latest offering would be released along with bigwigs from competitors such as the Windows Phone 8, Key Lime Pie from Google and the IOS 7 from Apple. Another setback for RIM at this stage could be the equivalent of a death certificate.