RIM CIO Interacts With BlackBerry Users of Enterprise Ranks

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Robin Bienfait, CIO, Research in Motion is hopeful for the success of BlackBerry 10 smartphones, which are to be launched in 2013.

In an interview held at MobileCon, Bienfait stated that her company was committed to its customers and wanted them to be highly successful. She said that she has talked with more than 180 CIO’s; most of them belonging to the US; since last April. These are the RIM customers themselves who are frustrated with the company after working with BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) for years.

BlackBerry users from several continents have been affected by outages from more than a year, which is the main concern worrying all CIO’s along with the slow release of new versions of smartphones that also includes BlackBerry 7 models in the US.

She said that customers wanted to see the company become successful, which was simply fantastic. She further stated that since her company has done so well since last couple of years, a break in the pace of continuation will certainly disappoint customers.

Bienfait said that US enterprise customers are still backing RIM, but they had certain missteps, such as not giving devices to carriers so that they can be leveraged, which included BlackBerry 7 products in countries other than the U.S. She further added that non-availability of BlackBerry 7 with carriers was the major problem in America.

Bienfait, along with her team, has a big influence on BB 10, including the way software is installed in mobile phones. These devices will have higher security with the help of BES 10, which will be launched alongside BB 10. Her entire team has been given complete access to development and security of upcoming devices, along with methods of device management by RIM.

She is passionate about the look and feel of new BlackBerry devices and that one of the device will carry Qwerty layout with physical keyboard. She said that just like many other customers who are interested in physical keyboard, she also needs a physical QWERTY keyboard for easy typing. She demonstrated the use of this keyboard by typing with both her thumbs on a Blackberry.

RIM CIO Interacts With BlackBerry Users of Enterprise Ranks Revealing her role in the company, she said that her main focus was only on support and software service as they are connected to BB 10 and its other products. She said she is providing feature inputs to the designers. She stated that her role also included looking over the operations of BlackBerry, internal RIM IT, and unit of enterprise business. These duties indicate that she cares largely about RIM’s reputation and brand and also about BlackBerry 10, as it is being seen as a vital element in the future success of company.

While talking about network outages, she said that the company was 100 % committed to coming up with improvements and since outages are such a big problem with customers, the company is going to consider it very seriously so that no repetitions occur.