Stream a YouTube Playlist to Your Playbook With StereoTube

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Any time a media streaming app hits Blackberry App World, it is momentous news. Media streaming apps are probably one of the most prominent uses for mobile devices and tablets. When you’re off on a trip, or when even when you’re sitting around at home, it is convenient to be able to stream music or videos to your device.

Recently we covered a third party client for Pandora Radio, called Apollo, which allows you stream music to your Blackberry Playbook. If you’ve been looking for a viable option to use Pandora on your Playbook, or you just want to stream some music for a neighborhood get together, then be sure to check it out.

Pandora isn’t the only option available when it comes to streaming content, however. YouTube is actually an excellent resource for streaming music, and videos. Nearly everything you could ever want from a media streaming service is available on YouTube, from movies, to televisions shows to music videos. It is all there.

Unfortunately, YouTube isn’t exactly the best when you want to stream a custom playlist or play a round of videos back to back. However, with StereoTube for YouTube+MP3 Music Player, you can do just that!

StereoTube For YouTube + MP3 Music Player

The title pretty much says it all! StereoTube plays YouTube videos and mp3 content stored locally on your Playbook.

StereoTube For Playbook

The beauty of the app, is that you can actually make an unlimited number of playlists, each with an unlimited number of songs in them, from existing YouTube videos. Creating, editing and adding songs to a playlist is as easy as eating a pie, a delicious pie anyways.

StereoTube For Playbook User Interface The way StereoTube works is fairly straightforward, you add videos to a playlist, which can be saved or edited at any time. After a playlist has been created, you can play the content, and it will cycle through all of the listed videos and songs. As you’d expect from any media streaming service, you can also set the playlist to shuffle through the content, or repeat as necessary.

StereoTube will even show related music and videos so that you can discover new content after listening or watching something.

StereoTube would be perfect for a house party. You could make a playlist, fill it with music, and then let guests add songs and content to it. You don’t have to throw a party to use the app though because it’s perfect for personal use, as well.

More StereoTube Features

Here, is a more in-depth look at StereoTubes features:

  • You can create an unlimited number of playlists with unlimited songs in each of them
  • Smart search engine that finds only those videos that are relevant to you
  • Listen to audio files stored on your tablet: mp3, aac, m4a, wav and wma
  • Put your tablet in standby and listen to mp3s
  • It supports using the hardware buttons: play/pause, volume up/down
  • Discover related songs every time you listen to a song
  • Search through literally millions of songs, listen for free!
  • Very easy to use and intuitive graphical interface
  • Rearrange( sort) songs in playlists
  • Shuffle, Repeat
  • You can check it out without worries if you are not satisfied you will be refunded, and free updates for life

StereoTube is Available Now For The Blackberry Playbook

StereoTube YouTube Player For Playbook StereoTube for YouTube+MP3 Music Player is available now via Blackberry App World for $2.99. If you ask us, $3 is money well spent for such an innovative app. It works exactly as advertised because we have yet to run into any significant issues or bugs.

If you’ve been on the lookout for streaming apps for your Playbook, StereoTube is one you certainly don’t want to pass up!

StereoTube was developed by Andrei Avram, who also developed another great app called Animated Weather HD + Voice!