Hidden Galaxies Comes to The Blackberry Playbook

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Hidden object games are fun, but they can usually be a pain in the ass to play on a mobile device, especially one that has a smaller screen. That is exactly why the best device to play hidden object games on is a tablet, or more specifically the Blackberry Playbook.

Speaking of hidden object games; Magmic, in collaboration with international artist eepmon, just released Hidden Galaxies: The Voyage Home via Blackberry App World. Hidden Galaxies is a hidden object game that features beautiful artwork, innovative gameplay and plenty of content!

Hidden Galaxies: The Journey Home

Hidden Galaxies The Journey Home With Art by eepmon Hidden Galaxies follows a charming little alien and his companions who were lost after their ship broke apart while going through a black hole. In the chaos, the ship lost some of its more critical parts and most of its crew. It’s up to you to aid the captain of the ship in finding his crewmates, and the right ship parts so that they can return home.

Along the way, you will look for more than 75 individual objects, which have been hidden across 12 different levels.

It’s the standard show here, meaning that Hidden Galaxies is a lot like all of the other hidden object games out there. Essentially, you explore different scenes on the search for various objects, which you obtain, by tapping your finger on the screen. Where Hidden Galaxies genuinely gets its originality though, is thanks to its beautiful hand-drawn design and unique Parallax gameplay mechanic.

The best way to describe the Parallax view is to call it a 2D dynamic element. When you’re viewing a particular scene, you can move your finger around the screen to look behind objects. As you move, the screen shifts into a 3D like view so you can see behind objects in the scene. This adds a new level of gameplay as you also have to check behind existing scenery to find objects. It’s not like a traditional hidden object scene where everything is fixed, and you’re just trying to find a flat object.

Because the Parallax view is difficult to explain, maybe you’re better off watching the promo trailer for the game.

Hidden Galaxies Beautiful Scenery Featuring Art by eepmon

Eric Chan is eepmon, the international artist who produced all the artwork featured in Hidden Galaxies. Eric’s professional portfolio includes projects with Microsoft Xbox 360, Mini Cooper and Panasonic. Recently, Eric was hired, by the City of Ottawa, to produce content for a local art center.

Eric currently lives in New York City, where he works with Canada Goose on a limited edition product line for the 2014 Winter collection.

Needless to say, it’s obvious by his extensive credentials that he’s a gifted artist and therefore his art is pretty damn masterful.

Hidden Galaxies is Available Now For The Playbook

You can pick up Hidden Galaxies now for the Blackberry Playbook via Blackberry App World. It’s only $1.99, and once you’ve played the game we think you’ll agree it was money well spent! The artwork alone is impressive, and eepmon did an excellent job in designing an extraordinary game world. Once you factor in the Parallax view mechanic, i’s obvious you’re looking at something remarkable.

Give Hidden Galaxies a try, you won’t regret it.